Headaches and Migraines

Headache and Migraine Treatment

It begins with a throbbing pain in the back of your eyes, then followed by blurred vision and the feeling of nausea. These are the symptoms of severe headaches and migraines, which leaves far too many people in a debilitating state. Unfortunately, there is no remedy to relieve the pain. Dr. Daniel Rubin offers a promising approach to managing severe headaches and migraines using chiropractic care.

headaches and migraines

How Chiropractic Care Helps With Headaches and Migraines

Severe headaches and migraines can destroy a person's life. The major difference between the ailments is the condition of the blood vessels found in your cranium. For severe headaches, your blood vessels will become narrow. While for migraines, your blood vessels will expand. In either state, your brain becomes swollen and intense pain occurs with the slightest of movement.

Chiropractic care can be an effective treatment option in relieving the symptoms of severe headaches and migraines. A chiropractor will exam the condition of your spine to confirm if there are any irregularities or misalignment. Often, this condition leads to muscle tension and irritation of the nerves, which could cut down the blood flow to the brain. One of the triggers for an oncoming severe headache or migraine is neck and back pain.

There is not a known remedy for severe headaches and migraines, but a chiropractic spinal adjustment can lessen the symptoms. A chiropractor's goal is to reduce the number of severe headaches and migraines by pinpointing the area that has caused the pain. The adjustment will help to restore communication with your brain and nervous system. 

This is accomplished by decreasing the irritation in the nerves which eliminates all pain signals sent to the brain. Over time, continuing with chiropractic care will reduce all muscle tension in the body. Plus, a spinal adjustment will strengthen each region and restore normal blood flow.

What to Expect at Your First Appointment with a Chiropractor

It's important to provide a well-documented personal history on the amount of severe headaches and migraines sustained. This could include providing your medical records, copies of all diagnostic imaging, medication and nutritional supplements taken. This information will help your chiropractor to study prior course of treatments and create their own plan to reduce the frequency of severe headaches and migraines occurring. 

Yes, an adjustment of a joint is the backbone of chiropractic care and used by all certified chiropractors. But in cases of relieving severe pain symptoms, a chiropractor will suggest partaking in an exercise program that includes several unique self-help classes. You may begin with breathing training, meditation, and nutritional education. Also, changing your eating habits and doing specific exercises will improve joint dysfunction by strengthening soft-tissue muscles. 

Call North Point Chiropractic Today! If you are struggling with severe headaches or migraines and want to see a chiropractor for immediate relief. Please, schedule an appointment with Dr. Daniel Rubin who is committed to providing the best in chiropractic care. Come in for a consult today. 

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