Corrective Exercise

Corrective exercise might sound counterintuitive. Why would you exercise if your body is already sore or injured? Believe it or not, there are forms of exercise that can help develop and strengthen your joints and muscles. This type of chiropractic care can actually alleviate pain and potentially correct your current back and neck issues. Dr. Daniel Rubin at North Port Chiropractic near Port Charlotte FL can create a plan that implements corrective care for you.


What does Corrective Exercise entail?

Corrective exercise is the use of stretches and movements that help restore, reinforce and rebuild patterns that will improve the body. By repeatedly doing these exercises, patients will be able to break habits that may have caused bad posture, or weakened their joints. Some types of corrective exercise might use various pieces of equipment such as

  • Foam roller- This cylinder made of dense foam allows joints to stretch deeper than if you were simply standing or sitting. It can also help to release lactic acid built up in the muscles. 
  • Tennis ball- A tennis ball can help improve posture when placed in the right spot. It can also serve as a mechanism to help massage.
  • Bosu ball- This half ball can be used to increase balance and stability. It can also be used to do sit-ups and lunges. 
  • Tension bands- Tension bands are simply just pieces of rubber tubing that create tautness to make stretching increase strength. These are great for pushing and pulling exercises. 

Will Corrective Exercise cure my ailments?

Corrective exercise cannot guarantee a cure, but can work to be another resource for improving your condition. It is important to be patient in the exercise routine. There is a possibility that corrective exercise might make you even more sore. You could even have another flare-up. But, understand that corrective exercise is meant to strengthen your joints and muscles. Trust the process and your doctor to make the right decisions to improve your spinal health. If you have any concerns, always voice them with your chiropractor. 

Can Corrective Exercise be done at home?

Typically, your chiropractor will provide corrective exercise techniques and routines that can be done in the comfort of your home. Your doctor might even provide equipment to buy or borrow to take home to use for your corrective exercises. 

Come see us at North Port Chiropractic in North Port FL to learn more about how corrective exercise can improve your life.

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